Arema Vs Persib, Aremania Ready Birukan Kanjuruhan

Arema Vs Persib, Aremania Ready Birukan Kanjuruhan

Extra preparation done Arema FC panpel for the 19th weekend match match that will be held at Kanjuruhan Stadium Malang, Saturday (12/08/2017) night. This is due to see the enthusiastic Aremania who will be present to witness the team pride against the biggest rival, Persib Bandung.

Chairman panpel Arema, Abdul Haris said if the peak of Arema’s 30th anniversary celebration will be done Aremania when the game progresses. Thus, the panpel has prepared tickets as many as 44,720 tickets.

“We print tickets with the maximum capacity of the stadium, we also prepare more security plus four tactical vehicles to secure Persib Bandung if they need,” said Abdul Haris.

In addition, the potential for the stadium was already felt long before the game. Because Arema vs Persib tickets that have been sold in the ticket box since Monday (7/8/2017) and then sold out.

“Indeed tickets are sold out, but we still mesisakan 3000 tickets that we have not spend for us to sell at the stadium counters to accommodate the new aremania coming tomorrow from out of town,” he said.

Service facilities in the stadium have been upgraded, such as adding three large screens in the outer courtyard of the stadium. “We do this to reduce the frustration of the fans who came but did not get tickets Arema vs Persib due to run out, as well as security officers also upgraded to 1286 personnel so tomorrow’s fight remains conducive,” he said.

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