Herrera Call Bomber Fierce Manchester United It’s Not Quite Resistant


Herrera Call Bomber Fierce Manchester United It’s Not Quite Resistant

Manchester United anchor midfielder Ander Herrera talked about the quality of Romelu Lukaku after he scored against Manchester City in a pre-season game.

Lukaku failed to score in his first game against LA Galaxy, but managed to get a goal in the game against Real Salt Lake and Manchester City. Inevitably, the performance invited a lot of praise.

Jose Mourinho told Lukaku after the game against Salt Lake that he did not have to worry about his goal scoring in a pre-season friendlies. And the Belgian striker’s performance looked very good afterwards. Herrera also praised Lukaku recently, emphasizing the quality of the player as a team player.

“He is a top player. The way he played for the team was the thing I liked best about him, the game was fantastic. When the opponent has the ball, he always thinks to help the team in terms of survival. So we’re very lucky to have him, and if he scores a goal, then that’s even better. The thing he did was brilliant, “Herrera said.

Herrera was reluctant to stack up too much pressure on Lukaku when asked if the striker could make a difference in the title race next season.

“Time will answer. We can talk about it. Last season we won three trophies, but we did not fight for the best, the Premier League. It’s not easy to win three more trophies next season, because that’s very difficult. But we will only focus per game. We do not want to look too far ahead, because it’s not smart, “added.

Herrera also believes that Lukaku is one of the three best players in the world to play in his position. And he claims that Paul Pogba and David de Gea also deserve the description.

Basque players hope that world class Manchester United players can increase their squad to compete for the Premier League title.

“We want to fight for the Premier League. I think we have a very good season, a successful season, the last game is a very important game. But we managed to win, so we can say we have a very good season, but now we want to fight for the Premier League, “he continued.

“I do not like to compare players last season with next season. We have the same manager, we will work the same way. But the draw we got in the home game, we have to fix it, “he concluded. (Source: Manchester Evening News)

Ibrahimovic Send His Son Join MU Academy

Ibrahimovic Send His Son Join MU Academy

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s good relationship with Manchester United (MU) is still continuing. Ibrahimovic sent his two sons, Maximillian and Vincent to join the MU academy Classic Games Sbobet.

As reported by The Sun, Maximillian and Vincent have been registered to the youth team of The Red Devils. The two sons of Ibrahimovic are just waiting for the right time to begin their practice.

This news also strengthens the Swedish striker’s signal will return costumed MU. Ibrahimovic is believed to be signing a six-month deal after he completely recovered from an injury in October.

United manager Jose Mourinho has confirmed that there is an opportunity to bring Ibrahimovic back to Old Trafford. Last season, Ibrahimovic performed brilliantly with United by scoring 28 goals in all competitions.

However, a knee injury snatched Ibrahimovic’s brilliance last April, sending him up on the operating table and out for six months. Ibrahimovic’s contract with United ended in June and not renewed.

Currently, the 35-year-old has no club and focuses on his injury recovery. Besides rumored to be back to MU, L.A. Galaxy became a club associated with the former AC Milan player and Inter Milan this.

Neville Surprised With Contest Lid Matic

Neville Surprised With Contest Lid Matic

Gary Neville admits he was surprised to see Antonio Conte’s intention to release Nemanja Matic Manfaat Kuning Telur.

Serbian midfielder is crucial role in the success of Chelsea embrace the Premier League trophy. Conte, however, does not seem satisfied with the player’s performance, and intends to be US midfielder Monaco Tiemoue Bakayoko as a substitute for the player.

“It’s strange to see Chelsea want to take him off, because I think he managed a good relationship with Kante,” said the legendary fullback MU told reporters.

“I think they need to strengthen their team, so I’m not sure why he let him go, but I believe they must have found a replacement for him.”