Federico Bernadeschi to Juventus Stay Wait Resti Fiorentina

Federico Bernadeschi to Juventus Stay Wait Resti Fiorentina
Juventus desire to bring Fioerntina player, Federico Bernadeschi, just one step away. Because the Old Lady has managed to melt the young star’s heart. Currently, the Juventus only need the blessing of Fiorentina.

Fiorentina have followed the will of Federico Bernardeschi who asked for his name on the list. But so far, only Juventus have shown seriousness to recruit the players.

According to Italian media, Calciomercato, Juventus have reached a personal agreement with Bernardeschi. La Vecchia Signora is ready to tie up the player with a five-year contract and a fee of 4 million euros ($ 60 million) per season.

Currently, the negotiation process is still blocked with the Fiorentina. La Viola wants the total transfer value to reach 50 million euros, with details of 40 million euros (Rp 606.95 billion) as a transfer value and 10 million euros (Rp 151.74 billion) is a bonus based on appearance.

Juventus agree the transfer value Bernardeschi reached 40 million euros, but has not agreed on the bonus based on appearance. Juventus feel the value of 10 million euros is too big.

Negotiations between the two clubs are predicted to be completed before July 15, 2017. At that time, Juventus will depart to the United States to undergo pre-season activities.

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