Mignolet Commenting on the passage of Liverpool to the Champions League

Mignolet Commenting on the passage of Liverpool to the Champions League

Liverpool’s main goalkeeper, Simon Mignolet has stated that the Champions League is where his club is actually competing Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Where, certainty the Reds can meet a number of top European clubs this summer after a successful 4-2 win over Hoffenheim in the second leg and the match that took place at Anfield was four goals created each through two goals from Emre Can, Mohamed Salah and also Roberto Firmino.

So a 6-3 victory then now let the club from Merseyside will play in the group phase and after the game the retainer of the Belgian national team was also impressed with the struggle of his team mate which is really very excited.

“All the players have been really eager to play again at this stage, which is where all history is made in this football club,” Simon Mignolet told the club’s official website.

“So, if we come back and now it’s up to us to see how far we can fight.

“We will look at the draw and see who we will face. This is a fun moment.

“That’s what we want, we’ve been fighting all year for this. But even getting a fourth position, you will never know who you will face in the playoffs.

“When it was Hoffenheim, we knew it would be difficult, but we fought for it and got what we deserved to think.

“Now we can look forward to what will happen next.”

After the game Simon also happy to his colleagues are able to revive the European soccer game his team in front of the tens of thousands of fans.

“At home we can do a bit more and we want to show how we can play,” continued Mignolet.

“At Hoffenheim they showed that they were a very good team and in the first round it was not easy, but we got through it and came back to seeded 2-1.

“We have to finish the job at home and at Anfield it is always a special night and I think we show what we can do here.

“That’s about the whole at Anfield.”

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