Target Steal Points, Sriwijaya FC Bring 18 Players to Serui

Target Steal Points, Sriwijaya FC Bring 18 Players to Serui

Sriwijaya FC will go through a long road when visited Perseru Serui headquarters at Marora Stadium, Saturday (14/10/2017) later Armed with 18 squad players made by coach Hartono Ruslan was only set steal points at the headquarters of the opponent.

In the game this week 29, Sriwijaya FC is a little breath of relief because it can play all players, without any exposure to card accumulation or injury.

“We really want the best results, but we also must be realistic against Perseru Serui. Not to mention the physical condition has been drained on the journey, let alone can win there it was incredible, “he said Hartono.

The Solo coach mentioned in his training session only stressed to the defense and hone the final settlement. “I think it is the weakness of Sriwijaya FC so far that we are focused on ana, let alone playing in the cage opposite our players will not be able to make their own mistakes and must concentrate for 90 full minutes,” he said.

From the list of names of players who brought, Hartono himself did look enough memboyong defensive players. A total of 18 players who participated, 7 of whom are players who occupy positions in the back line. But he himself refused if this shows that Sriwijaya FC will play defensive to find a draw.

“What is certain all will be normal course, when attacked then we must compact and survive when it has the ball then it must also attack. Problem transition and balance I always remind, let alone playing in the cage opposite will not be easy. But I’ve said not to give the opponent a chance to get close to the penalty box, we have to get closer to the center line, “he explained.

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