What does Milla say about Thai power?

What does Milla say about Thai power?

U-22 national team coach Indonesia, Luis Milla, honored Thailand ahead of the second team meeting in the third match of Group H Qualification U-23 Asia Cup 2018 at the National Stadium Bangkok, Sunday (23/07/2017) Agen Casino Online.

Milla’s statement was delivered after the squad Garuda Muda won seven goals without reply to Mongolia in the second game at the National Stadium Bangkok, on Friday (21/07/2017).

“I deeply respect Thailand, they are a great team with talented players,” Milla said.

Indonesia’s victory over Mongolia thanks to the Milla experiment. For example, Osvaldo Haay is plotted as the left wing.

Even so, Milla has not thought about the game scheme that is applied when opponents Thailand.

“Yes we see what kind of Thailand Malaysia is against as I am going to watch, I want to have a competitive team, once again I have no back-up or core players in my team, all the same, who will play the most prepared players.

What is certain victory over Mongolia makes Milla sure foster children more confident against Thailand.

“In order for the team to play better against Thailand, our goal has not changed to qualify for the Asian Cup,” said Milla.

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